Monster - Ape

A gorilla in the wild.

Apes are native mammal creatures of Thundermarch. They are humanoid; their bodies can be erect or down on fours, with strong, muscular arms that allow them to move at great speeds without ever touching the ground. They are warm-blooded, with an internally regulated body temperature, and covered with hair or fur.

The ape kingdom includes everything from monkeys to gorillas and more, and most of them are shy and non-threatening. They do fight fiercely though when cornered, and they are capable of causing severe damage or killing.

Blood Apes Edit

Blood Apes are a subspecies of the common gorilla, usually black-haired with red streaks on their backs. They are aggressive and more intelligent than their cousins.

In the campaign Edit

  • The party fought a number of Blood Apes in the Marked Jungle who appeared to be protecting the way into the Wounded Grove.
  • A strange halo of distortion surrounded their heads.
  • The Blood Apes appeared intelligent, and even spoke to the party with simple words, telling them to turn back and leave.