Astana is a major city and one of the Sayth, located north-west within the northern province of Thundermarch, called Silvercoast. Astana is a city of status and shadowplays, where families, guilds and leagues command the fate of the city's people. Being one of the richest cities of the realm, the major players in Astana have great disputes but ultimately work together to keep their city above the filth of Thundermarch. The black and gray buildings of stone, the invading angles and the gargoyles, the music and plays, the black roses and the heavy rain, all make up for a great setting for one who seeks out lore, plenty, and a grand life amongst the greater and lesser of people.

Honorable duels, great rhetorics, back-stabbing, madness, and theatricality, all accuretaly sketch the character of Astana. It is not mere chance that the greatest and most disturbed minds of the realm hail from this city.

Astana overview

An overview of Astana.