A male Cockatrice.

The cockatrice looks like a hideous hybrid of lizard, bird, and bat, and it is infamous for its ability to turn flesh to stone.

These omnivores have a diet that consists of berries, nuts, flowers, and small animals such as insects, mice, and frogs; things they can swallow whole.

They would be no threat to anything else if not for their fierce and frenzied response to even a hint of danger. A cockatrice flies into the face ofany threat, squawking and madly beating its wings as its head darts out to peck. The smallest scratch from a cockatrice's beak can spell doom as its victim slowly turns to stone from the injury.

In the campaign Edit

  • The party was attacked by a flock of cockatrices, somewhere in the Blood Valley.
  • Rooark saved a locked container from the Orpheus, which held a tied-up such creature.