Monster - Dryad

A dryad of the Blood Grove.

are beautiful, intelligent tree spirits. They are as elusive as they are alluring however, and dryads are rarely seen unless taken by surprise or they wish to be spotted.

The dryad's exquisite features, delicate and finely chiseled, are much like a Sil Nueda maiden's. Dryads have high cheekbones and amber, violet, or dark green eyes. A dryad's complexion and hair color changes with the seasons, presenting the fey with natural camouflage.

Dryads often appeared clothed in a loose, simple garment. The clothing they wear is the color of the grove in the season they appear. They speak Asil and Black Asil, and can possibly communicate with plants too, although that is a speculation.

In the campaignEdit

  • The party encountered dryads in the Blood Grove, while on the Nameless Island. Taliesin and Dorrel were magically charmed by them, and were allowed to speak to what appeared to be their leader, an apparently older dryad they referred to as "the Mother".
  • They were allowed to sleep in the grove.
  • They were hastily cast out however, after Taliesin summoned the fey presence in that grove.