The Dwarves are a stocky race of people, believed to be ancient and knowledgable, almost as much as they are vengeful and unforgiving.

Word has it the Dwarves are found mostly on the central and southern parts of the world, working with other races in their cities. Smithing is what they do best, and folk go to these Dwarves (known as Falathik) when a craftsmanship requires certain quality.

Appearance & demeanor Edit

The Dwarves range from 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall and are really heavy, weighing as much as 400 pounds. The skin can be anything from sandstone fair to granite gray or tan, while their eyes can be anything but black. Hair length and style is an individual's matter of taste, but all have long braided beards, though never longer than their Thane's. Hair colour also comes in any color, except for black.

The Falathik appear to have their own language, but are exceptionaly fluent in the Tradespeak. They always hold a friendly demeanor, no matter who the customer is, though all can admit that the Falathik hold their pride really close to their hearts and can only take so much ignorance.