Monster - Gorgon

A Gorgon preparing to charge.

are fierce, rare bull-like beasts who are found in the wilds. They are aggressive by nature and usually attack any creature they encounter. Despite their great size, they can move through even thick jungles with remarkable speed, for they simply trample bushes and splinter smaller trees. They have hides of thick steel scales and their breath is a noxious vapor that billows forth in great puffs from their wide nostrils. That vapor is able to rapidly force creatures into petrification, although strong and healthy organisms are known to have a good chance of resisting it.

In the campaignEdit

  • While the party was travelling down in the open areas between the Storm Shield Peaks and Whitesands, a Gorgon spotted them and charged down. The beast managed to wound them badly, and turn Orethel and Rathgol to stone.
  • They opened up the dead Gorgon and saw its internal organs, that were somehow fused with the steel exoskeleton.
  • Orethel and Rathgol were free of the petrification due to the actions of the Cloaks of Fire, in the Flamehall of Achentum.
  • Its head was offered as a gift to Romilus Aberus, the reeve in Achentum.