Kalemos Galanos

Kalemos Galanos, the Reeve of Nyree island

Kalemos Galanos is a male Aes Qintari.

He is the Reeve of Nyree island, with his seat being in the town of Belmora.

He is of medium height and weight, save for a small belly. His hair is short, black, and shaved on the sides, although he always wears a curly, blonde wig in public. He also has a groomed and oiled, thin goatee. His eyes are the full yellow of his race. He loves Astani culture and dresses in duendu clothes according to current trends in that city.

He appears typical when he has to, though all understand he is a lover of the good life. He is known to spend ridiculous amount of money to decorate his estate, himself, even his servants to an unnecessary degree, to accompany his larger-than-life behaviors.

Rumor has it he is gay as well, something that is frowned upon and even illegal at certain places in the Aes Qintari society.