Path of Fire symbol

Symbol of the Path of Fire

  • Aliases: "The Fire God", "the Maker of Flame".
  • Portfolio: Fire, heat, Aes Qintari, military expansion, trade, war.
  • Symbol: An equilateral triangle within a one-spiked circle.

​Mezharun (MAEZ-ah-RHOON) is the god creator of the Aes Qintari, the one that generates all fire, protector of Aes Qintari interests and their allies, and one of the four Elemental Titans.

He is the patron of expansion, either through trade or aggression, a watcher over soldiers, and the deity of military planning. Mezharun is said to be the most powerful of entities, one of the Elemental Titans. He governs fire and all that derive from it, ruling over part of the primal matter that forged the universe itself. He is ever expanding, as is his element, and is believed by his followers to eventually dominate every corner of the cosmos.

In his eternal wisdom, he forged the Aes Qintari to be his ears and eyes in the physical world, and guide the flame like a sentient wind. He is responsible for them since their conception, up until their death.

There are numerous temples and shrines dedicated to Mezharun, the most prominent of which is the Flamehold in Vorgis. Most folk hold a small shrine or statue of the god into their homes.

The Path of Fire Edit

For centuries now, the Aes Qintari have formed the Path of Fire. It is an organized body consisting of three directives; the Cloaks of Fire which is the priesthood, the Crimson Host which is the military, and the Red League (later named Redsea Trading Company) which includes all trade. These bodies work their separate fields, but organize as one.

They all have their individual hierarchy, but all answer to the undisputed head of tiefling society. That is an Aes Qintari who rules for life. He holds the title of Godhead for the Cloaks of Fire, the High Commander for the Crimson Host, and Leaguemaster for the Redsea Trading Company. This leader currently is also the lord of Vorgis, a title known as the Raenn, and his name is Gororion Skyhorn Icarothius.