Nyree is an island in the Oblivion Sea.

It is about 200 nautical miles directly from Enpyria in the mainland. It is close to 60 miles from north to south coast, and almost 25 from east to west.

Geography Edit

The island's major town is Belmora in the center of the western coast, where Kalemos Galanos' estate and seat are. On the north-east lies Muitare, a copper mining town. Numerous smaller communities and hamlets can be found around the island, whose role revolves around local activities, like lumbering or foraging.

The island is covered in jungle, cleared only around the two towns. It is relatively flat, the highest peak being hill rises that do not go above 600 feet.

The north coast is washed by Saltshark Sea, the west by Redshore Sea, and the east by Kuiwe Coast Sea.