Monster - Wererat

A duendu human wererat

A wererat, also known as ratman, is a sentient humanoid shape-changer and can transform into a giant rat or a hybrid form. They are one of the Cursed, which is how the common folk refer to a werebeast. They are sly and hyperactive, usually reside in urban areas where they inhabit sewers and dark places.

In their original form they can be of any race, but some characteristics are similar, such as a thin, wiry build, or small and darting eyes. Once in hybrid form they are slightly shorter. The head, torso, and tail are identical to those of a rat, while the limbs remain humanoid.

Packs of regular mice or rats are naturally drawn to them, but are not controlled in any way.

Strengths Edit

Wererats have a keen sense of smell and can detect or even identify individuals just by using their nose. Additionaly, the Curse provides certain natural enhancements, such as instant healing against wounds from ordinary weapons. Only silver arms and magic can hurt them.

Weaknesses Edit

Although the ratmen can be formidable opponents even to seasoned soldiers, they are easily frightened and can be psychologically subdued. Their nature is that of a vengeful survivor though, and a small victory does not mean the wererat will never visit again.