Zezalem Bazin Ebissa

Zezalem Bazin Ebissa while acting as a vessel.

Zezalem Bazin Ebissa was a male nyreen human.

He appeared withered, around 90 years old. He was balding, with a long and unkempt white beard. His eyes seemed to be blind.

He dressed in poor robes, and worn our sandals.

He was the keeper and caretaker of the Shrine of the Cycle, dedicated to the Twin Sisters.

When the party met him, he allowed himself to be the vessel, through which an entity of some sort spoke to them, giving them a task to do. In that state of no control, Zezalem produced a bone dagger which Rathgol took (later realizing that when he used it to do harm, he suffered the same wound as well). When Zezalem was in this state of trance, his eyes glowed a bright blue color, and his body acted as if it was younger, standing straight and moving around with ease.

Following the events the party went through and their decisions, Zezalem was arrested by the reeve of Belmora, and was burnt in white flame on a stake. His body remained there for three days, until the soldiers took down his skeleton.